Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photo of the Week

For the photo of the week for the last week of June, I've decided to pull out something a little different. In the above image we have a lovely field of grass/wheat. It was shot last August when I took a trip to St. Anthony, Idaho. I decided to take a drive over to Wyoming to shoot the Tetons, I was feeling a bit lazy so I shot the Tetons from the west side(not the traditional east side). Anyway, I was waiting and waiting for just the right light, when I turned around and saw a breath taking, visually pleasing view. I just love how it's a sea of grass, there's really no center of focus. You're eyes just drift into the sunset. In photoshop I adjusted the lighting and color to my liking, added the frame look (which I think helps complete the image), and there ya go! I've debated for a while if that tractor in the far right is distracting or not. Maybe you can give me some input concerning that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Photo of the Week

I've noticed that I'm not blogging as much as I should. So to catch up I'm going to post my favorite image from which ever photo shoot I have in the upcoming weeks... and maybe talk a bit about how the image was captured. In the above image we have Annie. Obviously we shot her bridals at Thanksgiving Point. I posed her with the back of her dress towards the camera and her arms posed behind her back. The wind was actually kicking up a bit, so it was a bit difficult at times to keep her dress in place. My assistant Lindsay was just to the bride's left with the trusty reflector and I adjusted the white balance in the camera to give the exposure a slightly warmer look. In photoshop I adjusted the color and levels to my liking. Also, I added a very small amount of sepia to the overall image to help complete the warm look I was going for.